June 8, 2006

I returned to writing a week or so ago. It’s been inconsistent but I am now writing about limits.

To me, a limit is all about expectation. The limit of f(x) as x approaches a is all about a guess of what should happen at x = a. What actually happens is not relevant. Maybe f(a) is a different value than this limit. Maybe f(a) doesn’t exist. None of that matters. We don’t worry about reconciling expectation with reality until we discuss continuity.

I’m in this whole “Harry Potter” thing right now in this chapter. I don’t know if it will stay in. I’ve also got this Abbot and Costello “who’s on first” routine about the sum of the limits is the limit of the sums and so on. Writing a head first book is both scary and liberating. It’s like a drugless trip. The boundaries of traditional books don’t restrict us.

In any case, this is just a brief post to say thank you for your support these past months and that I’m back trying to write each day.

One Response to “Limits”

  1. Doiy Says:

    Good to see that you’re back. Hope you write more content!

    Best Wishes

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